[Tig] theatre screen luminance standard-an aside..

Peter Swinson peter_swinson at compuserve.com
Wed Nov 1 09:33:43 GMT 2006

A couple of thoughts re subtitles.

Todays films as stated tend to have laser etched titles. Previous to this
the titles were chemically etched, at least here in Europe. I remember a
Dutch  company that specialist in this. Of course Digital projection
subtitles will I assume be electronic, so the could, but probably are not,
be set to match image luminance.

An interesting quirk of human vision regarding bright objects against dark
or light backgrounds is converse to what may be expected. A bright object
such as a subtitle against a dark background will appear dimmer than the
same subtitle against a reasonably lit background.  Not as expected that 
as the general overall luminance rises the human vision "turns down the
gain". The opposite, it locally "turns up the gain" just for the bright
object.  A caveman response to seeing the white tiger in the twilight or
the snow I guess.

Ah well back to real life.



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