[Tig] theatre screen luminance standard-an aside..

Dick Hobbs dick at hobbsonline.tv
Thu Nov 2 09:38:23 GMT 2006

A few years ago DTS - the surround sound people - came up with a  
system to add subtitles live. This uses the same timecode on the film  
that drives the DTS soundtrack, and has a separate projector beaming  
the subtitles on top of the film. The advantage is that distributors  
do not need to create subtitled prints, and theatre owners can run a  
subtitled screening whenever they want, not wait for the subtitled  
print to come around (when they could not have a subtitle-free showing).

 From memory, it was a simple, Powerpoint-type DLP projector used to  
add the subtitles, but I am sure someone else can be more  
authoritative than I.



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