[Tig] TIG mailinglist, wiki for content management, and wordpress for blogging.

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Fri Nov 10 12:39:58 GMT 2006

The TIG now consists of three layers, to clarify:

The TIG mailinglist   http://www.colorist.org/mailman/listinfo/tig    
--for maililnglist subscription
The TIG wiki              http://www.colorist.org/ 
wiki3                            --for content management
The TIG blog             http://www.colorist.org/ 
wordpress                  --for blogging

They all link in various ways one to the other, and if you're new to  
blogging, have a try at it,
you can do surprising things.   There are currently a few categories  
I set up for the blogging:
engineering, grading, general, uncategorized, and rants/raves.

It turned out the wiki isn't good for blogging, and wordpress isn't  
that good at content management,
and none have the mailinglist capabilities that the TIG mailinglist  
has via mailman, so they're your
choice as to what you like.    Some examples:

Q) I want to ask who is the inventor of the CRT.      A)  post  to  
the TIG mailinglist.

Q) I want to upload my photos of the recent TIGer dinner.    A)  
upload to Wiki, and if you think enough people
                      are using RSS by now, let it notify them of the  
new content.

Q) I want to discuss informally, without a mass mailing to 2000  
subscribers to the TIG mailinglist, a new system
                      I'm thinking of inventing for 4d compositing  
with grading.     A) start a blog in the wordpress category "grading."

Q) I want to present the latest BRRE results.   A) start a blog in  
the wordpress category "general" or "uncategorized."

the categories for wordpress can be whatever we want them to be, and  
note that blogging by nature can be anonymous.
This is not a replacement for the more formal TIG mailinglist.


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