[Tig] The Film Look

Peter Swinson peter_swinson at compuserve.com
Wed Nov 15 00:44:04 GMT 2006

I guess this could be advertising, but here goes.

Wednesday, today at Ascent Media  Atrium in London 18:30 for 19:00 I am
"doing" a BKSTS Film Look 2 presentation.
Getting into why Digital Shoots and Film shoots may always look different. 
It's the Grain that makes the image. Let's here it for stochastic
resonance. Film Processing is just an amplifier and digitizer.
What we need is  32K resolution Digital cameras.
Can we automatically extract 3D from 35mm film, it does after all have
depth, about 0.001 inch !
Think this is all the ravings of a lunatic, maybe. Judge for yourself, come
along. Beer and nibbles provided.



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