[Tig] topics filtration

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Wed Nov 15 20:07:47 GMT 2006

There is now an option to filter your mail from the tig.   In order  
for a message to trigger the topic function, which engages your own  
filter options, the message must
contain somewhere in the header or first 5 lines of the body the  
word   "Keywords:nnnn"   where nnnn is in the capitalized topic list  
below.   FIrst, it's important to realize that  the
default delivery mode for all subscribers is to receive every  
message.   If you wish to filter messages you need to adjust your  
user options, which are available via
the main TIG page http://www.colorist.org/mailman/listinfo/tig near  
the bottom, where there is written "unsubscribe or change  
options"  (see "Second step" below).  If you've forgotten your
password you can choose an option on this page for a new one to be  
mailed to you.

So, the first step is that anyone POSTING who wants to engage the  
filtering must have one of the following lines in their posting  
(according to the initial group of topics, which
    can be adjusted:

Keywords: BRRE
Keywords: DI
Keywords: TK
Keywords: DISPLAY

I think the "topics" are self-explanatory.

Second step is that anyone who wants to restrict their receiving of  
messsages where the post includes one of these lines must adjust  
their user options accordingly.   there are two
interdependent option groups for this: the first is which of the  
topics you wish to limit yourself to, and the second engages or  
disengages the filter, so you either are limited to the
messages that follow topic rules, or you receive all messages.

an example:   Peter Swinson wants to post his latest BRRE findings.    
He opens his mail client and the first line in the body of his  
message (doesn't have to be in the headers, but
it can be, either is ok)  is  "Keywords: BRRE"  (without the  
quotes).   Anyone who doesn't want to receive BRRE postings can opt  
out via their user options.

another example:  Bob Friesenhahn (hope i spelled that right) wants  
to post something about a new LCD technology for displays.   He puts  
as the first line of his posting
Keywords: DISPLAY

and the user can control message reception according to the 4 topics  
above.   I have room for one more topic, or we can change the ones we  
have.   The one thing important to realize
is that if you choose to filter on topics, and someone forgets to use  
the "Keywords:nnnn" in their post relating to your topic(s) of  
choice, you won't get the posting.

Many client mailers support the "Keywords:" header and include it as  
editable in the header section of any message, but since we're  
scanning the first 5 lines of the body of the posting
as well, you can have it either in the headers or the body.

I'm not sure people are going to bother with this, there isn't enough  
traffic really to warrant it, feel free to differ.   It's not very  
complicated if you run through the steps mentioned above.
Incidentally in no way is the current behavior of the list changed  
except to include this option, which you have to go in to your user  
options to change, should you desire filtration, and
trust that posts contain the necessary Keywords:   trigger line.

best regards

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