[Tig] filtration positives and negatives

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Mon Nov 20 13:47:15 GMT 2006

In the never-ending war against spam (which we know is coming from
Iraq, according to US administration) I ran across today something  
interesting.   I have the spam filtration set very tight and it's  
working well,
except that when a spam mail is rejected (I don't have the space to save
them for later review) and then that rejection is passed through a  
filter, it may be snagged for review; this second layer of filtration  
untrips the
rejection if it sees something suspiciously like a TIG posting.    
Just now a
message came through for dysfunction tablets that included, as the body
of the message, a report on UFOs, that mentioned a purported UFO
observer who captured in a photo a flying saucer.   "At first he  
thought it was
a flaw on the negative...."    geez, talk about false positives  
turning into true
negatives...  (in filter-speak)


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