[Tig] Real 600 year old Super High Definition. Valazquez

Peter Swinson peter_swinson at compuserve.com
Tue Nov 28 11:37:33 GMT 2006

Just like to let you know that last night Barco & Crestron  held an
incredible reception at Britain's National Gallery in London.
It included private personal guides of the Valazquez exhibition. The
paintings are incredible, resolution, colour depth, shading, dynamic range
all better than we strive for even today. Although aspect ratios seem to
vary considerably. A very interesting pair of paintings, same scene, same
character, poses etc were identical apart from some background detail, but
amazingly, ignoring the added background, the colour and contrast between
them looked just like a log and linear transfer, is nothing new! 

If they ever make a  film about Pope Innocent X, then Gene Hackman must get
the role. Find an image of Valazquez's painting on the web! 

It was a great experience to compare the old imaging technology with the
new. However I guess the cost of a Barco projector of any kind blends into
insignificance compared to a Valazquez painting.


I have no connection with Barco or  Crestron, other than being lucky enough
to be  invited to all sorts of bashes put on by  UK's Digital Cinema

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