[Tig] RE: Tig Digest, Vol 8, Issue 4

Doug Delaney ddelaney1 at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 29 20:45:18 GMT 2006

firstly, thanks Jason for the report.  always informative to hear about 
peoples experiences.

>And even then, just scanning a particular OCN emulsion and recording it 
>straight out has never >given us the exact densities (after DMIN has been 
>subtracted)when compared to the OCN. If

i'm not sure you want that to be the case anyway.  there's an awful lot 
going into the emulsion design and lab process to make an OCN-IP dupe to be 
something other than unity+Dmin delta.  intermediate stock is rarely 
actually processed at gamma 1.0 for all three color channels.

>I disagree (being a VFX person). We do want to know where CC is heading,
though, so graded samples are welcome. Most of the tme when we get pregraded
material, someone went nuts with the secondaries and we spend most of our 
fighting our way back to something usable.

agreed.  i've been frightened in a DI session when vfx shots have come back 
to me to integrate with a sequence of a film that i've been grading only to 
have to undo secondary corrections because 1. the plates were improperly 
pre-graded or 2. the plates were graded to match the dailies, in other words 
to look like HD when were making a film

but i've worked both ways.  delivering simple offset graded plates to vfx as 
well as raw scans and a color reference.  wouldn't it be great if color 
correctors could deliver grade info directly to vfx vendors to use in their 
comp tree and update as things change?:)  CDL is a good step for that 

and i've also been in the unfortunately contentious positon of having to 
tell comp supervisors that the 5 days of color wedging they've done on a vfx 
sequence to get color just right was going to change in DI because of a time 
of day shift due to editorial changes.

balance and compromise.

doug delaney

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