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Chris Swinbanks cws at al.com.au
Wed Nov 29 23:27:25 GMT 2006

Hi Jason.
I see a few good responses have come from Doug, Dan and Tim.
The key point for me that you hit on is "in a controlled setup".  I've 
dealt with a number of vendors/clients who didn't really have the level 
of "control" they thought they did, for a variety of reasons that most 
of us have probably been through over the years, but I think mainly due 
to not understanding the full workflow from start to end (capture to print).
The amount of "DI" work being done now, whether it starts as film, video 
or data, is allowing a lot more latitude for not only the creative 
aspects, but for the technical expertise to be spread around and I think 
thats a good thing.  Personally I like to see the limits pushed on 
achieving the best results, as long as you understand "how to get back 
from where you've gone", so to speak, at the appropriate time if its a 
film finish. That was my main point, as its long been a costly trap.

 >Unfortunately, manufacturers don't "give" us anything. ;)
Yup, should have said "provide"....  ;-)

 > at the last facility i was grading at, i wanted to expand the dynamic 
range of the scanner.
Interesting comment! What sort of scanner was it, and why did you feel 
you needed to expand the dynamic range?


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