[Tig] MkIII stripes

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This looks like a common problem we had with MK3 4:2:2's  - I'm not sure
how similar that is to a Turbo though. On the 4:2:2 machines, it's the
power supply smoothing capacitors on the boards in the Digiscan rack
(bottom left rack) - they are electrolytic capacitors and dry out over

If it's the same rack, check out the 994 input matrix and HAC, the 996 A
to D 
Converter and if you are using the analogue RGB output, the 936 D to A
Interface and the 976 D to A Converter cards.

>From memory, the capacitors are 150uF 16V and there's generally four of
them around the voltage regulators. Replace with 105 degree C versions.
The boards aren't the easiest to desolder - you may be well advised to
snip the leads on the old ones and solder the new capacitors to the


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Hi Guys,


Can someone help me out im having technical problem

we have here MkIII Turbo and there is in picture vertical

stripes red and green even when tube is not on so where 

i can start looking any help would be nice thanks.


P.S Here is capture screen http://www.suomenkaitafilmi.fi/stripes.jpg



Best regards,


Vesa Ovaskainen

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