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I've been wearing them for over 10 years now.  Any good lens professional or
ophthalmologist will tell you that they are not for everyone.  They can take
quite a while to get used to, and some people never do.
In my case, it took about a week, but the results have been great.
Computer viewing distance, however, can fall into a nether region that you
can't seem to optimize without craning your neck. But, since there is no
hard boundary, there will be a sweet spot.  The question is where that sweet
spot will fall relative to the position of your neck. Luckily, the gradient
can be adjusted up or down at the time the lenses are ground.  In my case,
the second iteration was the charm.

Good luck.


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> --
> when you turn 50 or even sooner, you find that (in my experience
> anyway) your glasses don't give you the fine detail
> at differing distances that younger colorists have.   Can anyone tell
> me about constant gradient (not bifocals) lenses?
> do they help, are they worth it, is there a reason to use them?
> I have no problem with monitors at 40" or so from my eyes.   all
> details sharp and can discern things that even my 20 yr
> old assts. can't see.  but when I'm on a computer where the distance
> is 20", I've got a problem, which is that either I move
> the glasses out of the way and lean in to see the text, or I use the
> glasses but the text is so small I can't read it.
> my prescrip: -1.50 left -1.75 right diopter
> They tried (lensmasters in LA) to sell me constant gradient lenses
> last time I was there but I was quite resistant to change.
> (constant gradient: as you look down, magnification increases (I
> believe) and as you look up, things are back to your usual
> prescription).
> regards
> Rob
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