[Tig] Google buys Youtube

Dave Pickett pickettscharge at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 9 22:25:03 BST 2006

Google just payed US$1.65 Billion for online video provider Youtube.  The 
move "catapults the Internet search leader to a starring role in the online 
video revolution."

It seems the infrastructure is being built to continue to provide more 
content online than on air.  An online video revolution.  I argue that this 
is a superior choice for home viewers/consumers.  The regional monopolies of 
Comcast, Time Warner, etc. force consumers to purchase the bundled content 
with countless poor viewing choices.  Further, to fit all of these poor 
choices down the pipe, all channels are overcompressed and suffer.  As in 
Hong Kong last year we will see online content providers outgain traditional 
broadcast providers in viewership.  The google move could also imply current 
programming as well as ALL past programming be available for purchase.

The question for colorists might be "will delivery of data/video via 
broadband and displayed on LCDs bring superior imagery to homes, bars and 
restaurants?"  If it can be uncompressed 1080, 2048x1556 or greater then I 
think the answer is an emphatic yes.

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