[Tig] Colour Correction, telecine or DI.

Steve Shaw digital.praxis at virgin.net
Tue Oct 10 20:40:06 BST 2006

Anyone out there fancy starting a thread to do with colour correction, telecine or DI?

As an example I was looking to set-up a 2K da Vinci today for a client with HDcamSR RGB work, but with YUV 422 monitoring, with playout to HDcamSR, and HDcam 422...

(Hi guys, I've got it sorted now ;o)

HDcamSR has avalid bit range of 4 to 1019, while HDcam (422) has a valid bit range of 64 to 940.

So, if monitoring the HDcamSR workflow via a 422 monitor can the full bit range be monitered without clipping or crushing?

And then, do I need two different monitor setups for 4-1019 bit ranges vs 64-940 as the relative dynamic range is potentially different?

And what of the need to playout a HDcamSR master (4-1019) as well as a HDcam YUV master (64-940) with full dynamic range for both, no cliping or illegal values?

And if you are using LUTs for DI grading what valid bit range are they expecting to be input?

And, if working raw data, rather than any form of HD, how does the 0-1023 data range get dealt with?

And all this is before we get into colour calibration and the like...

I've worked out the answers; have you?


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