[Tig] Colour Correction, telecine or DI.

Martin Euredjian ecinema at pacbell.net
Thu Oct 12 18:59:51 BST 2006

One item aspect of this that has not been mentioned here is that digitial signal processing can produce overshoots and undershoots that one may want to preserve --rather than truncate.  FIR filters are just one example of such processing and one that is very common in such applications as noise reduction, grain reduction, image scaling, image rotation, de-interlacing and other spatio-temporal processing.  
Traditional "limit-to-limit" RGB coding does not allow for such excursions.  Those who understand the subject matter will, more than likely, use processing pipelines with internal representations that preserve intermediate results rather than resorting to truncation.  Video coding, with roots firmly planted in the analog age, was chosen to preserve the technical use of sub-black and above-white.  Displaying and recording such excursions is a different matter.
Martin Euredjian
eCinema Systems, Inc.

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