[Tig] UNIHI (Sony HDV-10)

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Hi, Geoff...

KCTS does list a Sony HDV-10 Uni-Hi VTR:

Jay Parikh, Director of Business Development
206.443.4292, jparikh at KCTS.org

Nolan Lehman, Director of Production
206.443.4812, nlehman at KCTS.org

tkmedia2 had one in his equipment list Posted 06-04-06


Posted 06-04-06
Japanese pro analog 1035i HD formats
Sony HDD-1000 HDVS open reel HD video recorder
Sony HDV-10 UniHi format HD video deck
Sony HDL2000 Video Disc Player

He's somewhere in one the US west coast states.
You can probably contact him if you register for the AVS forum.


Closer to you...

MM-Technology lists one for rent at $660 US a day.

It apparently has three decks.

MM-Technology GmbH,
Sandweg 11-13,
77887 Sasbachwalden
Phone +49 (0)7841-600500;
Fax +49 (0)7841-4078;
eMail: sales at mm-technology.de


Steiner Film in Grünwald, Germany has one, also:

Steiner Film GmbH
Perlacher Strasse 16
82031 Grünwald
Tel.+49 (089) 641 601 0
Fax.+49 (089) 641 601 22
E-MAIL: 	info at steiner-film.com


One shows up on Kitmondo out of France... for 10K EURO.

Good luck and let us know what transpires.

I'll ask the AMIA list as well. They may have some leads.


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> Geoff cooper wrote:
>> Does anyone out there know where we might be able to get some
>> UNIHI material
>> transferred or even hire/borrow a deck?
>> It was developed by Sony in 1989 and is an analogue HDTV format  
>> using ½”
>> tape.
> Wasn't that Hi-Vision? - developed by Sony/NHK.
> As I remember the VTR that looked like a Sony BVH-2000 1-inch was the
> digital HDTV VTR - and the cassette-based VTR that was a dead  
> ringer for a
> Sony D1 was the analogue HDTV VTR.
> I used to work at the NHK London news bureau in those
> days..............................
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