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Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Tue Oct 31 14:21:46 GMT 2006

talking to Paul at Pixion today, I got an inkling of what might
be best to reinstate on the tig, and that is the tig-announce list.

for those of you who are subscribers of about the last 4 years or so,
prior to that we had a "parallel" mailinglist, in digest form, sent out
roughly every week, for manufacturers and vendors to do their thing.
Of course you can filter out this mailing via your own mail client.

Contributors to the tig-announce mailinglist will be vendors and  
who would like to announce their products, or otherwise advertise.    
This falls
in the category of an "oldie but goodie" and originally, in 1995 or  
the idea came from Jeff Kreines, when the TIG started to become  
inundated with
manufacturer defenses of their products.

We want to keep the main TIG clear of advertising.   The tig-announce  
(address:  tig-announce at colorist.org) is meant to divert those  
postings into a
digest that will be sent out to tig subscribers periodically.     
Those mfrs and
vendors are asked to make a contribution to the TIG, in some cases  
for single
posts, in other cases annually for the right to post.   These  
conditions are clear
in my mind and can be privately discussed.

On the main TIG-- diregarding the above-- posts are allowed for: Help  
Wanted and
Positions Wanted.  For Sale and Items Wanted will be directed to the  
tig-announce list.

best regards
Rob Lingelbach
colorist, Pixion, Mumbai    http://www.colorist.org/robhome.html

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