[Tig] Monochrome Cineon files & 2K/4K dirty scans with IR

Digital Praxis digital.praxis at virgin.net
Thu Sep 7 08:26:31 BST 2006

For scratch and dust removal in scanning (with an alpha channel too for
later post-based additional restoration work) I've been very impressed with
the Cintel optical system (D/SCO) on their DSX and diTTo telecine/scanner.

Having an optical restoration capability as well as an error map seems to
provide the best of both worlds.

I've even done a bit of a write-up on the system within the scanning pages
of the Digital Praxis website...


Usual disclaimer: I don't work for Cintel, but I do occasionally consult for
them, as well as a lot of other manufacturers and post-facilities, as well
as production companies... in fact, anyone who will pay :o)


Steve Shaw
Digital Praxis Ltd.
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