[Tig] Sony HDSDI interface--Is this the part?

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Hi, Geoff...

A little Googling and phrase changes (including for a Sony BKM-41HD 
board used in monitors) turned up this info:

The HK-201/202 is a TX/RX Module for high-speed serial transmission 
through coaxial cable of HDTV digital video digital audio and ancillary 
data information. Signal transmission conforms to the SMPTE 292MBTA 
S-004B bit serial interface standard SMPTE 291M/BTA S-005B supplemental 
data standard and SMPTE 299M/BTA S-006B digital audio standard.

The HK-201 TX Module incorporates a 1.48 GHz VCO for the internal 
generation of an SDI clock signal synchronized to an external clock 
parallel data (74.25 MHz). (1.485 GHz SDI clock signal is internally 
generated with 74.25 MHz and 1.4835 GHz SDI clock signal is internally 
generated with 74.175 MHz.)

The HK-202 RX Module incorporates an auto equalizer which supports 
transmission distances of up to 100 meters (distance between 
transmitting terminal (HK-201) and receiving terminal (HK-202)) over 
5C-FB cable (corresponding with type: PD-3079 COOPER RG-6/U type Super 
Low Less Digital Video Coax).

Broadcast equipment dealers that turned up in the search showed prices 
in the thousands.

This parts house showed prices in the dollars.  $3.98:

HK202 HD SDI RC MODULE Sony Part Number: HK202 or H-K202--

Nextronics inventory tool said it was in stock:

We have queried our database to determine the realtime inventory status 
of the item in question:  If the item is "inStock", it will ship within 
one to two business days if ordered before 3:00 pm Central Standard 
Time.    This should be taken into consideration when selecting 
shipping options during checkout.

Original Part#: HK202


Status: InStock

<snip> Contact customerservice at nexttronicsparts.com for clarification.

You'll probably want to make sure the part Nextronics has is indeed the 
one you need.

Maybe they have a CRT for your monitor, too?

Hope this is helpful to you and others on the list.


Not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned other than my own.

(Hey Rob... can we develop an acronym for this kind of disclaimer??? : )

On Sep 4, 2006, at 6:52 AM, Geoff cooper wrote:

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> --
> Has anyone had failure of Sony HDSDI inputs?
> Could this be another SBX-1601/2 situation?
> Our HDCam recorder (HDW-F500) had an input failure, traced to a module
> RX-46, a plug-in "option" of the DIF-91 card.
> The option is called "HK-202".
> It's also used on the CRT monitor input card (BKM-41HD)
> Sony have no spare part no. for this module.
> They say it's a "sales" item.
> Sony sales have no stock and no date for supply!
> "Fortunately", I'm waiting on a new tube for the HD monitor.
> That's another story, 2 months and waiting...
> So when/if the tube arrives, we have no input!!
> Is it me, or are Sony struggling to support their HD products?
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