[Tig] need info on creating a lut from scratch , from a linear image

patrice Barrette patrice at hybride.com
Fri Sep 8 13:38:54 BST 2006

hi there all

is there a document or can you tell me where i should look  to find 
information on creating a lut from scratch , what i mean is we have a 
linear image , that was completely created in 3D and adding 2D subject ( 
filmed in 35 mm )  , and we have some night shot ( very low detail and 
hard contrast  ) and we have some full sunny one , so what i would like 
to find out is what are the specification to have a linear image re-map 
to log and that the person that is doing the printing is going to have 
all the range of the image , loosing minimum information , so what are 
the thing's to do , and what are the thing's to avoid .

we did some feature FX and where happy whit the result ( Sin City, World 
of Tomorrow, Spy Kid's , ect ), but i would like to be mo precise in 
doing the lut .

the image can be SGI, TIFF,HD , 2K  , 10 bits or 12 bits but is going to 
finish on film .

so thank's in advance for all your help

Patrice Barrette
Senior colorist  ( Lustre )

Hybride Technologie Inc.
111 Chemin de la gare , Piedmont
Quebec , Canada

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