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Subject: Kodak's John Pytlak had a mild heart attack.
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Date:    Thu, September 14, 2006 5:55 pm
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Hi, Rob...

Was just reading a post on the AMIA list from Alan Masson who was
responding to someone's post about the demise of VNF processing for
several films... in which he begins...

"In the absence of John Pytlak, who is currently recovering well from a
mild heart-attack, let me reply to Diana Little's note."

Didn't think it was appropriate to just plunk this onto the TIG, but
thought that there would be folks who'd want to know and express their
support and prayers directly.


Here's Alan's contact info, in case he'd know how people might
communicate directly with John and his family.

Alan J. Masson
Consultant in Motion Picture Technology & Training
Retired, Eastman Kodak Company
Rochester NY

Rob Lingelbach

Rob Lingelbach

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