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It sounds like someone is reading something into the spec that may not
really be there.
Film scanners scan based on physical spot size, whereas in a telecine we
always sized to fit the active picture into the target TV aperture.
2k = 12micorn spot size
4k = 6micorn spot size.
In scanning a 1.66 or 1.37 element, a scanner will scan the full width of
the film, soundtrack and all.  The unwanted areas will be blanked, and often
resized in later processing.

Ray Mitchell

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Bob, Laurence & Ray.

Thanks for the input. I guess my concern was this: At IBC it was kinda
mentioned that the image width, regardless of aspect be scanned at  2048
and the DCI be 2000. For 1.66:1 this would on Digital projection clip Top &
Bottom. I fully agree with the view to fit 1.66:1 vertically within the
1.85:1 aspect and accept side masking. So long as the masking is at the
projector, else 'orrible keystoning could occur. Of course some may argue
that this reduces the resolution of 1.66:1 as less than 2000 pixels are
used for active picture area!



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