[Tig] Re: European aspect ratio 1.66:1

Peter Swinson peter_swinson at compuserve.com
Mon Sep 18 11:57:19 BST 2006

On Sun Sep 17 Ray Mitchell wrote  

>It sounds like someone is reading something into the spec that may not
>really be there.
>Film scanners scan based on physical spot size, whereas in a telecine we
>always sized to fit the active picture into the target TV aperture.
>2k = 12micorn spot size
>4k = 6micorn spot size.

This was the concern. At IBC it was "suggested" that maybe the 12 micron/6
micron fixed scan size be abandoned, or the results be interpolated so as
to provide 2048 pixels across thje DCI used image area, regardless of the
film image width. This is at present just a "suggestion", but it comes from
a large Hollywood Studio!
Of course this is really no problem for flying spot scanners as I pointed
out at the time of the presentation. Both Thomson (Grass Valley) and Arri
reps at the same presentation said they could also provide 2048/4096 across
either a S35mm or academy format.
This is why I raised the 1.66:1 question, specifiacally if 2048 width was
used for 1.66:1 then the height would exceed the Digital Cinema vertical
pixel count.



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