[Tig] OT: 35 mm Reel Length

Gustavo Gaiarsa gustavo at finaliza.art.br
Wed Apr 4 16:45:23 BST 2007


Do this lenght includes the end credits ?

You can make the reel longer by adding about 450 foot (about 5  
minutes) of final credits.

Instead of this, if you want to balance the other reels, try making  
their lenght to be about 1400 foot, but talk to your producer, lab  
and post-supervisor frist to make sure this will not cause any  
additional costs during the post process.


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Em 04/04/2007, às 12:21, Michael Aranyshev escreveu:

> Thanks to Joe Beirne for support in 2007.  see the TIG NAB Focus  
> Sheet at
> http://tig.colorist.org/wiki3/index.php/TIGNABFS07
> ====
> What is the accepted minimum length for a 2000 foot 35 mm reel? I'm  
> balancing the reels for a feature I just finished cutting and the  
> last reel is less than 300'. How short may I make preceding reels  
> to make the length of the last one less ridiculous?
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