[Tig] Semi-OT? Seeking list of Certified Nitrate Storage Vaults

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There used to be two certified nitrate vaults at the old Deluxe General
Film Labs on Argyle which is now the home of Ametron Electronics. Last
time I was there, it looked like vaults might still exist.  Various
portions of the property are for lease.

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Hi, Tiggers,

I'm posting this at the request of David Novack, who had asked the  
question earlier today on the Association of Moving Image Archivist's  

David's message:

Hello fellow film buffs and archivists:

I'm a member of AMIA and I'm interested to know if anyone has  
accumulated a listing of certified Nitrate film storage vaults - both  
above ground short and below ground.  I'm having trouble identifying  
such places over the web.

David Novack
VP Digital Services
Ascent Media


You can reply to him directly dnovack --at--ASCENTMEDIA.COM,

Or... share the info: Reply here and to him at the same time.

Hope you're having a good day.  Nice in Northern California. Resting  
after NAB.


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