[Tig] B wind 1" ?

Bob Kertesz bob at bluescreen.com
Fri Apr 27 19:01:06 BST 2007

>In the old days of Telecine several houses ussed the Bosch B (wind )  

Editel L.A. used them quite a bit and in fact had a full 1" B suite and a
couple of small trucks with the recorders (which I ran at the time), and if I
remember correctly, one L.A. vfx post house (forget who) actually modified
theirs to record RGB at double the normal speed for some stunning multi-layer
work when composite video was the norm.

I used to own the portable version (BCN-20), and it made some *very* nice
(very low chroma noise, for instance) recordings, especially compared to the
crap which was 1" C. Their unfortunate inability to show images while
shuttling (except for VERY late in the game) was at least partially their

The format was a classic example of German engineering at the time: a very
good product with absolutely worthless marketing.


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