[Tig] B wind 1" ?

Bob Kertesz bob at bluescreen.com
Sat Apr 28 01:17:44 BST 2007

>> Editel L.A. used them quite a bit
>Didn't Leon Russell have a studio here in LA (Los Angeles, not Louisiana) 
>stocked with Bosch B 1"? Was it called Paradise Studios?

Yes, he did. I don't remember what it was called. He used to come to Editel on
occasion to edit on B as well.

>I actually remembered that you had one of the portables when this thread
>started. I figured you'd unloaded it a long time ago.

Yeah, I had a BCN-20 portable, and also the "studio docking setup" which
allowed for full (time base) corrected color playback when in the truck. I
sold it to a post house in Chicago, which folded a few years later. They were
really sweet machines for compositing layers with the Ultimatte when composite
video was all there was for recording/playback. I could go many more
generations/layers than with C format machines. And the scanners did not stop
spinning on roller coasters the way C machines' did :-).

>Weren't they distributed by Bell & Howell then? I seem to remember
>something odd like that.

No, certainly not in L.A. It was Bosch-Fernseh, and Tony (now known as
Anthony) Magliocco was the sales/tech rep for a lot of years.

>I thought the studio VTRs did eventually have a frame TBC that let you
>see shuttled images better?

Yes they did. The problem was the small diameter of the scanner, which with
the tape wrap was not sufficiently large in circumference to display a frame
of video. They eventually acceded to pressure and put in a framestore device
which allowed the summing of two half frames into a passable picture on
shuttle. But for the longest time, they resisted mightily with "What do you
need that for? Isn't it enough our images are so superior to the C format?"


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