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Dave Corbitt DCorbitt77 at comcast.net
Wed Aug 1 02:29:03 BST 2007


Hi Rob,

You might want to add the following links to the WIKI also:

Steve McVoy's Early Television Museum in Hilliard, Ohio is worth the 
trip from anywhere to see the most amazing collection of historic 
television cameras and receivers anywhere. He even has a color 
mechanical TV display based on spinning mirrors and concepts developed 
in the 1920's. He has pre WWII sets with mirrors in the lids and the 
CRTs facing up. He has a whole section devoted to early color TV from 
before 1958 with many great looking early color sets, many of them 
functioning. He has a Dumont B&W TV from 1950 with an enormous 30" 
screen that works and is amazing to see. It goes on and on. I visited 
the museum a few weeks back while traveling through the Columbus area 
on a business trip. Steve is a good guy and deserves more visits from 
TIGers. His webpages are here:


Wayne Bretl's pages are full of useful info on colorimetry and 
televison history:


Pete Deksnis has some pages devoted to his unending quest to restore 
the earliest color TV sets mass marketed in this country, the CT-100 
made by RCA in early 1954:


The website you referred to is maintained by Ed Reitan who used to live 
in Westwood, CA but he has moved back to Omaha recently. Ed is an 
interesting guy who has a storehouse of info on the history of early 
color TV. He had some amazing old TV gear in his apartment in Westwood 
including a TK 41 camera and several early color sets from the mid 
1950's. His webpages are here as you posted before:


Dave Corbitt
Summit, NJ

On Jul 31, 2007, at 7:17 PM, Rob Lingelbach wrote:
> there's also a Color-TV history website here:
> http://www.novia.net/~ereitan/
> in which the research looks pretty good.  I'll include it in the wiki
> in the proper place.
> --
> Rob Lingelbach

Dave Corbitt
Summit, NJ

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