[Tig] Ursa

Dave Sweet dave at pixelfarm.com
Sun Aug 5 13:46:20 BST 2007

If the auto alignment really does end up looking OK after a few tries  
I'd say TWIGI has a few problems to begin with. At least that's the  
most suspect if the alignment eventually lands correctly. If the CRT  
is getting older, it's going to push twigi and scandal at they're  
limits. Power supply can cause issues too.
One thing to try...
Do you power down your CRT over night as well? The general school of  
thought is to "turn off" the EHT while leaving the CRT on (low power)  
overnight. However lately, I've been turning off BOTH the EHT and the  
CRT overnight and the stability and auto-align have been excellent  
ever since.

Dave Sweet - Colorist
Pixel Farm, Inc.

On Aug 3, 2007, at 10:18 AM, Ricardo Acosta wrote:

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>  ====
> Hi:What could be the reason if the TAF looks different every day? I  
> have an Ursa Diamond with Twiggy and Scandal. I have to autoaling  
> several times until TAF looks ok! My CC is a daVinci 888 DUI.Thank  
> you:
> Ricardo Acosta, Colorista.Telecine de Venezuela, Caracas.
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