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Ken Robinson ken at flight4.org
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Actually the best bet is to leave the tube on at 300, overscanning to even
out any burn. Tubes are lasting two years like this, as the phosphor will
last quite happily and you wont suffer from any differential burn. 

BUT you must put a plate in to cut off the light to the PEC's.

If you are suffering from bad alignments, something is broken in the
Scandal/Twigi or whatever you have installed.

ken robinson

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>>Do you power down your CRT over night as well? The general school of
thought is to "turn off" the EHT while leaving the CRT on (low power)

Is it? I was always taught that this would promote poisoning of the
cathode. Indeed, here at the BBC, we specifically modified all of our
MK3's (and the MK2's before them!) so that when the power switch was in
position 1, the power to the heater was removed.


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