[Tig] When to use 444RGB or 444YUV for Dual link monitoring in a DI

Tyler Hawes tyler at dslextreme.com
Wed Aug 8 08:22:37 BST 2007

Hi Adrian,

If you're doing DI work for film output and not just broadcast, you really
should invest in a color management systems such as Rising Sun's CineSpace
or FilmLight's TrueLight technology. Through hardware and/or software, they
provide calibration, profiling, and 3DLUT creation that solves all these
issues you're running into and produces reliable, great results. Also, both
companies have excellent support to answer all these questions for you. Both
systems can be used with Scratch in one way or another.

Tyler A. Hawes
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On 8/4/07 5:09 PM, "adrian hauser" <ahauser at bigair.com.au> wrote:

> most color bars are set to "video levels" what does one use to correctly
> set up saturation on a A grade CRT monitor fed with Dual Link RGB
> or Full Range YUV. For Levels I have made a grey step wedge that I can setup
> to correctly view and monitor levels above and below 64 and 960. Saturation
> is a different story though.

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