[Tig] When to use 444RGB or 444YUV for Dual link monitoring in a DI

Simon Burley simon at rpsfilmimaging.co.uk
Thu Aug 9 14:04:42 BST 2007

ahauser at bigair.com.au wrote:

> Q1: What procedures can I take to ensure the Online suite
> is 'seeing' the files exactly as I saw them in the Grading room.
> (Assuming a perfect grading environment and aligned monitoring).
> The online suites in question are Avid DS, FCPro and Flame.
>>From past experience when trying this I have seen some very
> slight RGB color channel offsets occurring, quite noticeable to the
> trained eye.

Hi Adrian,
Can't comment on Final Cut or Flame, but I recall the last time I used a 
DS you have a choice when bringing in (or writing out) files. You can 
select 'video range' or 'computer graphics' range.

Careful selection is going to be based on

1) Are you using the DS's video monitor for critical colour
2) Are you going to output to tape?
3) ... or back to files and want transparent i/o


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