[Tig] ZFS for DI?

Andreas Wideroe Andersen andreas-tig at smalfilm.no
Tue Aug 14 08:16:37 BST 2007

At 02:01 14.08.2007, Bob Friesenhahn wrote:
>Has anyone on this list used Sun's ZFS filesystem for DI work?  It
>clearly has obvious advantages over some other filesystems for the
>type of I/O that DI work needs.  In particular, it is really fast for
>writing new files and reading existing ones.
>Sun open-sourced the ZFS filesystem and it is (obviously) in Solaris
>10, but is included in FreeBSD 7, will apparently be included in a
>future version of Apple OS X (Leopard), and can be used as an inferior
>(non-kernel, slow) filesystem under Linux.

I can't really help, but I will soon set up a FreeBSD server (for 
video files) where I plan to use (or atleast try) ZFS. This server 
will only be used for SD material, but quite large 10 bit files though.

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