[Tig] Crosspoint Switcher for Steel Yard

Robert Houllahan lunarfilms at mindspring.com
Thu Aug 23 18:38:34 BST 2007

Hi Tig,

Not to fail to have a old time stumper I'm here again,,,, A friend of  
mine picked up a Crosspoint Latch SEG 6119 to use at the Steel Yard  
in Providence (www.thesteelyard.org) for Thirsty Theatre (throwing  
things at the screen while drunk is appreciated and even encouraged)  
Of course this beast came with no power supply cord or manual (it did  
come with the power supply) and I have it at Cinelab and I am going  
to try to get it running anybody know anything about this switcher??


Robert Houllahan
lunarfilms at mindspring.com
VP Cinelab Inc.

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