[Tig] TK items for sale

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Fri Aug 24 02:41:17 BST 2007

Dennis Ho  dennis_ho at digijungle.com
has the foilowing items for sale.  He can be reached at
Dennis Ho
Digital Jungle

and this ad will appear in the TIG wiki classifieds.

Used Telecine Equipment

Evertz 5010 Time Code Master


  Accom Digital Image Store 422

(DSCN1214, SUC50059 [Upper unit])

  Time Logic Controller (TLC). Keyboard Controller & CPU

(SUC50058 / SUC50050)

  Rank Cintel Turbo 2


  DaVinci Systems Renaissance 8:8:8

(SUC50046 / SUC50053)

Digital Vision DVNR A000


  Evertz 5500 Key Code Reader


  Grass Valley 1000 Switcher

(SUC50048 / SUC50060 [CPU] / SUC50061)

  Sony MXP-390 12 Channel Audio Mixer


  Grass Valley Group 10 x 1 Ten XL Switcher


  Pandora’s Other Box PBX 3001A Electronic Cursor Generator


  IRU-SM16 Dual Audio Meter


  Accom D-Bridge 122

(SUC50059 [lower unit])

  Tektronik TSG-170A Test Signal Generator (NTSC)

(DSCN1218-Top Unit)

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