[Tig] Downsides to Color

Joe Owens jpo at prestodigital.ca
Mon Aug 27 09:22:02 BST 2007

"Firstly I know its not a Da Vinci killer.
Rather a plug-in to an editing system which is software based.(Mac)

My collegue wants to finish his TV show via this avenue, if it is  
going to
be cost effective, especially in regards to rendering time."

APPLE COLOR is not a plug-in.  It is a stand-alone application with  
file referencing throughput integrated (sort of) with FCP.  There are  
rules about what you can send and what will cause the system to  
baulk.  Colorista is more like a plugin.

You can finish TV shows via this avenue.  Many people are doing it.   
The efficiency depends on the operator and their hardware  
configuration.  Mouse is not the way to go.  COLOR shows your  
interaction with the image in real time, but it does not play back  
the sequence in real time.  The application is dependent on FCP for  
tape I/O, if that's what you want.  Render times are also extremely  
dependent on the hardware configuration.  The fast X1900XT-equipped  
Octo MacPros should spit out 23 or so minutes of DVCProHD in about 2  
hours, or better.  Double that for uncompressed, and up for higher  

Cost effective?  How fast do you need it?  What is the room rate  
comparison?  Do you get what you want -- do you feel pressured by the  
schedule at a daVinci suite?

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