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Neil B. Feldman N.Feldman at videopost.com
Mon Aug 27 19:26:25 BST 2007

Dear fellow TIGger's

I am very sorry to be the one to confirm that Craig Fearing (and his 
wife Barbara) are coping with what can only be described as a 
terrible nightmare.  They certainly would appreciate any support we 
can offer.

The details are long and complex and I am not sure that I have all of 
the facts correct.  Plus, the doctors still do not know exactly what 
is going on.

As far as I know Craig's ordeal began sometime around the 4th of 
July.  At that time Craig was suffering from neck muscle pain of 
unknown origin.  From there it went to his having a twisted neck, and 
then to nerve problems in his arm.  Early diagnosis was contradictory 
and ambivalent.  A CT scan supposedly showed severe cervical 
osteoarthritis.  But that was later discounted.  At times cancer was 
highly suspected but then ruled out and later a growth of some sort 
was detected in a biopsy.  The growth was pushing down on the spine.

Unfortunately, a second biopsy unexpectedly left Craig completely 
paralyzed.  This occurred during the 3rd week of July.

By the end of July Craig had regained movement in his legs, although 
they felt "strange".  He also got back the use of his right arm, but 
not nearly as before.  At that point in time the doctors thought they 
were dealing with some sort of weird infection (but at least they had 
ruled out cancer).

By the first week of August not much had changed in his condition, 
although he had been through countless tests and scans, etc.  They 
did find that he had contracted a common Staphylococcus Aureus 
infection.  At that point they also gave a name for his condition - 
Spondylodiscitis also called Vertebral Osteomyelitis.  Essentially he 
had a bone infection caused by Staph.  There was no way to know where 
he got it or how long he's had it but it is possible he had it for 
over a year or longer.

Craig was put on antibiotics and they seemed to be working.  However, 
the drug regime was to last 3 months or more.  He was scheduled to 
start physical therapy in mid-August and at that point the doctors 
were hoping that Craig could go home by the middle of September.

However. after the infection started to clear up, it once again 
appeared that the real problem was severe Osteoarthritis.

The last message update I received was on August 22nd.  Craig started 
his rehab that week. He was up and being taught to walk, but no steps 
on his own quite yet.  His left hand is still paralyzed, and he 
doesn't have a lot of motor control in his right.  There are numerous 
other difficulties as I am sure you can all appreciate.  Not much 
more is very clear.  We know that he has had damage to his Spinal 
Cord.  It is too soon to tell how much, how it will heal, how much 
scar tissue there is or how long anything will take or how far he 
will progress, etc.

I fervently wish I could be posted something more positive.  In fact 
I wished by now we knew exactly what was going on with clarity, but 
no one can say yet. I do know that Barbara is keeping a file of all 
Craig's emails for him to read when he returns home.  Your prayers 
and thoughts are certainly greatly appreciated.

As I mentioned at the start of this message I may have gotten some of 
the minor details wrong or out of sequence.  But Craig is such a 
great guy and old friend that I wanted to share what little I know 
about his frustrating and scary situation.


Neil Feldman
In-Three, Inc.

Video Post & Transfer, Inc.

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