[Tig] Update on Craig Fearing

Neil B. Feldman N.Feldman at videopost.com
Wed Aug 29 14:46:29 BST 2007

Dear TIGgers:

I have been on the road this past week so it has beena bit difficult 
for me to check my email.  However, I did receive a wonderful message 
from Barbara Fearing yesterday and I wanted to share some of her 
words with those of you who are concerned about Craig.

She wrote:

"Everybody's outpouring of support really is
amazing, and it certainly helps us not feel quite so alone in all this.. it's
amazing the responses that have been given ... I think he's rather 
blown away by all this.
Thank you so much for your interest and efforts."

"I tried to have Craig write a little note to add, but he was just too tired
and couldn't deal.  It would be nice if you could put out there that he is
aware of the posting and the notes that have been left so far, and that he
will give a word in a few days.  I will send it to you when he does."

"For some reason, he said he hasn't been getting the TIG recently.  He can't
get it now anyway because he doesn't have Internet in the hospital, but I
can't even pick it up for him.  So I can't keep up with the postings, if
there are any."

"Craig is doing a bit better in that he's up and walking now.  Walks a bit
funny, remains to be seen if that's something permanent or just part of the
natural process after being in bed for so long.  I'm still really concerned
about the swelling in his left hand, but so are they.  So far they haven't
found out why it's like that, but because it's painful, I think they can't
work on rehabilitating it much at the moment.  He does think his right hand
is getting more coordinated, which is a good sign.  As he'll be on
antibiotics at least two more months, I'm assuming the infection is down but
not gone.  So there's probably a limit as to how much healing can happen at
the moment.  Fortunately, he's a lot more patient than I am, so his morale
is pretty much up there.  Both of us are just trying to take this one day at
a time to keep from getting too discouraged."

"This is all still just so mind-boggling.  It's like it was an accident, it
appeared that suddenly.  One day he was traveling then doing reports, the
next day he was completely laid flat by incredible pain.  For someone who's
never been sick or ever in the hospital, he's certainly making up for lost

"Thank you for your interest and efforts to keep the professional
world aware of his condition."

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