[Tig] Programme availability in HD?

Jeff Booth jeff.booth at ntlworld.com
Thu Aug 30 20:58:40 BST 2007



I'm now working at Channel 4 Television in London. We are currently 'dipping
our toes' into the HD pond and I am trying to ascertain which of the
following shows were shot in and are available in HD (either HD D5, HDCam or
SR). Should our 'masters' decide to launch a HD channel, I would like to be
prepared for it by at least having a clue of which programmes in our
catalogue could be re-acquired in HD. Can anyone help?


Many thanks




STUDIO        PROGRAMME                             AVAILABLE IN HD?

Disney           Anne Frank                                   

Disney           Brothers and Sisters                    Y

Disney           Desperate Housewives               Y

Disney           Lost                                               Y

Disney           Scrubs                                          Apparently
shot HD but posted SD

Disney           Ugly Betty                                     Y

Disney           What About Brian                         

WB                ER                                                 

WB                Everybody Loves Raymond        

WB                Friends                                          

WB                Good Morning Miami                    

WB                Greetings From Tucson              

WB                Invasion                                        

WB                Nip/Tuck                                        

WB                The OC                                         

WB                Smallville                                       

WB                One Tree Hill                                

WB                Reunion                                        

WB                Sopranos                                      

WB                Studio 60                                      

WB                The Class                                     

WB                The Closer                                    

WB                Third Watch                                  

WB                War at Home                                

WB                West Wing                                    

WB                Without a Trace                            

Paramount    Cheers                                          

Paramount    Enterprise                                     

Paramount    Frasier                                           

Paramount    Life With Judy Garland                

Paramount    Second Time Around                  

Paramount    Sex and the City                           

NBC/UNI       Average Joe                                 

NBC/UNI       Ed                                                  

NBC/UNI       Just Shoot Me                              

NBC/UNI       Tommy Lee Goes To                  

NBC/UNI       Will and Grace                              

FOX               Beauty and the Geek                   

FOX               Futurama                                       

FOX               King of the Hill                              

FOX               Miss Match                                    

FOX               My Name is Earl                           

FOX               Point Pleasant                              

FOX               Simple Life                                   

FOX               The Bernie Mac Show                 

FOX               The Simpsons                              

FOX               Unanimous                                    

SONY            Kidnapped                                    

SONY            Runaway                                       

SONY            Stargate SG1                               

REVEILLE    30 Days                                        

??                  Headland                                      

Spelling         Charmed                                       

Lionsgate      Dead Zone                                   

Hallmark        Dinotopia                                      

Aliance          Hitler, The Rise of Evil                 

HBO              Six Feet Under                             

ABC Fam      Switched                                       

MTV               Totally Boyband                           

???                Wild Things                                  


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