[Tig] Copernicus 4X4 engineering manual

Jim Mann jfmann at optonline.net
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Yes, I ripped the wire out of the Digi_talker by the end of the first hour.
Way back in my DuArt days they took me kicking and screaming away from my
Sunburst to work on a "Upgrade" called the 8:8:8. Secondary isolations where
so much better on the Sunburst.

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The Craig Fearing page:

> Hi Rob and Jim,
> The Copernicus was ahead of its time.  Does yours have the voice  
> talkback feature Rob?
It does have talkback, speaker diabled, I have explored it's  
windowing capability some as of late and it seems really good a  
mature setup, great super clean secondaries and I have our's with the  
trackball panel working quite well (I added 2 large grounds and never  
had a blip since) so I setup my Rankin-Frankin-Turbo with the great  
IO touch setup then it's all secondaries. Sometimes I use isolation  
and I really like the CMYRGB tools on top.

The thing's a freakin' Cadillac....

Dubner is now in Cairo......

Can't wait to get this new 8:8:8 that everyone has been talking about.


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