[Tig] What broadcast gear used Iomega 10 or 20MB Bernoulli disks?

Marcus Hutchinson marcus3 at marcus3.com
Thu Feb 1 05:29:43 GMT 2007

Maybe a Dubner paintbox or the Matisse paintbox


Ted Langdell wrote:
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> On behalf of someone on another list I'm trying to help, would like to 
> know what broadcast gear used 10MB or 20MB Iomega Bernoulli disks, way 
> back when.
> Backstory:
> The lady is an archivist at Forward Pass in LA... and ran across two 
> discs with only the notation "Show" on them. Her boss wants to know 
> what's on them.  She says the discs are 8" x 11" x .5" but hasn't yet 
> said whether there's any indication of capacity.
> They were found on a shelf.  Not known if they were next to some other 
> element (reel of tape, script, etc...) that might be useful in 
> identifying what  program or project they might be connected to, which 
> might help point toward what they were used in.
> Any ideas of what they may have been used in... and where one might 
> find working units would be appreciated.  I don't suspect that too 
> many people have Chyron III's or IV's on-line these days.
> If the discs weren't used to store graphics files that originated on a 
> computer, (Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, TIFF, JPEG, etc.) would a 
> SCSI port equipped Mac running OS 9 or 10.x be of much help in reading 
> the discs using an appropriate Iomega drive.
> Thanks,
> Ted.
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