[Tig] subtle rename?

Micheletti, Bob (NBC Universal) bob.micheletti at nbcuni.com
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I think "Technology In Grading" or "Techniques In Grading" are 
both good names - so you could call it "TIG" or "TIG".  Both of 
those acronyms have good rooted recognition in the business so 
it would be an easy transition. ;-)

Bob Micheletti

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> for the last few years the subject has arisen of renaming the TIG to  
> something that
> reflects more accurately the shift away from only telecine-related  
> matters to those
> involving color management and color correction, with telecine being  
> one of many
> paths to the color correction of moving images.
> However the TIG has 15 years now of 'brand recognition' if you will,  
> and the acronym
> has sort of transcended its origin.   There could be good reasons to  
> leave it alone.
> One possible alternative that I thought of was GG  for  "Grading  
> Group" (Internet being
> superfluous anyway).   Or GiG  (Grading internet Group); CiG   
> (Colorist internet Group);
> CiG/BRRE (truly decadent and reminiscent of the Bible and Crown,  
> Martin Amis' favorite
> pub).
> opinions welcome..  it's a lot easier not to change the name, 
> actually.
> Rob
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