[Tig] way OT but in a bind.. and ...

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Wed Feb 7 21:27:39 GMT 2007

so the second memory SIMM in my powerbook 15" exhibited intermittent
problems starting a month ago.   I opened up the machine (it had just  
out of warranty) and pulled out the SIMM.  No problems since with the  
other than that the remaining 512MB is a bit slim for all the apps I  
need to use.

I have since discovered that probably before the SIMM died, the fan  
on the
powerbook died.  It never turns on, and I monitor the temp sensors  
now (while blowing hard on the bottom of the notebook).

Has anyone here ever opened up a powerbook and replaced a part?   
the tiny fan is purchasable ?  I can do surface mount soldering but  
this might be
beyond me.     Please excuse the way OT post, replies to me  
personally and if
anyone wants to know the answers send me a personal message and I'll  
to whomever wants.

Rob Lingelbach

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