[Tig] Fwd: suggestions for becoming a colorist

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Thu Feb 8 18:16:16 GMT 2007

I received the following message today and am forwarding it to the group
with the sender's permission.

David, my short reply is that you read the FAQ on the TIG WIKI at
http://tig.colorist.org/wiki3/index.php/FAQ      and refine your  
a little, they cover a lot of ground that some colorists may not have  
to answer completely.


Begin forwarded message:

> From: "David Walegren" <walegren at gmail.com>
> Date: February 8, 2007 3:11:42 PM GMT-02:00
> To: rob at colorist.org
> Subject: Hey Rob
>  My name is David and I'm 16 years old. I recently subscribed to  
> the news in TIG. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on what  
> i need to study in university to be able to become a colorist.  
> Also, is it more important to have good grades or is it really the  
> showreal that matters? What do you think I should work on when I  
> have extra time from school? Pictures? Editing videos? Finally, is  
> there any software/hardware you would recommend me to use?
> Sorry if this email is a bit overwhelming with all the questions.
> Thank you,
> David Walegren

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