[Tig] Star Trek-Next Gen history -more than you wanted to know!!

Paul Chapman pchapman at fotokem.com
Thu Feb 8 19:14:48 GMT 2007

All of the Start Trek Next Generation Episodes were done at Unitel Video,
starting in the mid 1980s. I remember the original camera & makeup tests, we
had some priceless stills in the A42 still store of some of the original
cast hamming it up with some of the new cast of TNG. In those days there was
no way to back that stuff up except on streaming data tape in proprietary
form so its long gone now. (Maybe the neg is somewhere in a salt mine

Steve Buchsbaum was the original colorist at the beginning, then George
Cvjetcicannin took over I believe around season 2 or 3. This continued
through into the 90s with TNG, DS9, Voyager & Enterprise. Larry Field who
started in the vault at Unitel became a colorist during this time and along
with George finished out the franchise at Ascent Media after the demise of
Unitel & Editel. They were done at Editel LA for a couple of years after
Unitel closed around 1998.

Originally we recorded to 1"C from MKIIIc telecines heavily tweaked by yours
truly, later D2 (ugh) and then Digi-Beta when that format first came out.
URSAs and C-Realities were the other telecines. Never a Spirit though as far
as I know.

The last 2or 3 seasons of Enterprise were done in HD, and finally shot on HD
video for just the last season I believe (George or Larry can you clarify?)

Happy days.....

Paul Chapman
At FotoKem since the end of Unitel.

> Just finished watching ST-NG #164, and was watching the credits to
> see who was the Colorist was.  No indication.
> Any idea? Well done, whoever was responsible. So was the rest of the
> series.
> This is the episode in which Data creates a daughter, Lol... who
> ultimately begins to feel and has a neural network meltdown.
> Ted.
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