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I just thought to jump in here as well just to say that no experience is bad
experience, always keep your ultimate goal in mind, but in the meantime do
much as you can with as many different people as you can. 
I have found that sometimes the ability to work with and understand what
need will mean more than technical abilities alone.

Also, be willing to share what you know, it comes back to you.


Patrick Morgan
The Sanctuary

PS : All this original Star Trek talk is scaring us young kids...how old ARE
you guys anyway ;-)

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Thanks to Hugh Heinsohn and Digital
Vision for 2007.  Wiki available
at http://www.colorist.org/wiki3

Thanks you guys for putting so much effort into answering me... i really
appreciate it.I currently live in Lebanon and study in the capital (Beirut)
at a school called International College. I'm an only child. My other is
Lebanese and my father is Swedish. All my life i have lived in Lebanon but
when I'm done with this year (school year) I'm going to move to Sweden for a
few years.
Over there school and university is free so that opens up lots of doors for
me. Actually I am sure that i will study at a university there but the
question is:
What should i study?
Iv got loads of people telling me I should go audio visual, graphic design,
and animation.
I have done a fair share of experimenting on a hm... not sure what you call
it :P well the telecine is an Ursa and the panel is a Pogle. (not sure where
the words pixi and Pandora come in here but I'm sure you know what I
But most of the time its busy with all the projects going on so I rarely get
the chance to sit and work with it. So I, at times, sit at home and make
mixes of video clips iv downloaded from the net with the help of Windows
Movie Maker. Now that my parents are sick and tiered of hearing: "OMG! this
thing cant even play a clip backwards!" they are getting me the Macbook for
my birthday.
I will install Final Cut Pro but I'm not sure if I can get hold of final

Thanks again Rob and Steve! You really are great to put so much time into
answering me :D

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