[Tig] Peter's mission

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There also appear the letters "CAPE UTTLE" at the left.  "Rebuttal",
"Shuttle" or "Scuttle"?  we may never know...  is there a Cape Uttle
anywhere on the map?

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Thanks to Bob Kertesz and Ted Langdell
for 2007.  Wiki available at http://www.colorist.org/wiki3

In the second photo, the gear on the far right in the Trident-
class telecine support vehicle looks suspiciously like a teletype
terminal, with code manual very exactly placed atop the keyboard.
One thinks that the vehicle could stay submerged longer if the CRT
were replaced with an LCD.  The next rack to the left of the Telex
or teletype terminal has what looks like a scope and underneath
a 4 or 5 rack-unit-sized card cage, with a ribbon cable from the
leftmost card to the one to its right.  Could this be a Digiscan 3,
modified for lower voltage?  next to this card cage, on the floor,
is what looks like a Tannoy-sized near-field monitor, perhaps with
notch filter for sonar interference.  There's enough other equipment
in the control area to whet any imagination, and no scarcity of
adhesive tape if things start getting turbulent.

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