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Chris Swinbanks cws at al.com.au
Fri Feb 23 06:04:25 GMT 2007

Thats for the govt dept "Australia Institute of Aboriginal and Torres 
Straight Islanders", an archive based around our native cultures pre & 
post white settlement.
Torres Straight Islands are off the north west top of Aus, heading 
slightly towards Indonesia.
The Aboriginal and associated cultures have very specific concerns about 
seeing images of past relatives, so its a culturally very sensitive subject.
Being a Govt Dept that the job is be in, they must ensure that such 
religious/cultural wishes of tribal peoples are strictly adhered to.


Jim Mann wrote:

>Thanks to Bob Kertesz and Ted Langdell
>for 2007.  Wiki available at http://www.colorist.org/wiki3
>I found this while nosing around, perhaps one of our friends down-under will
>find it interesting. I liked this part:
>"Applicants must address the selection criteria which includes the ability
>to demonstrate knowledge and an understanding of Indigenous cultures and the
>issues affecting Indigenous Australians today and an ability to communicate
>effectively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples."
>Well that counts me out, ........ my next stop is the Atlas to find where
>Strait" is!

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