OT? New use for Ampex ACR-225 (wasRe: [Tig] bulbs for the home)

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Thu Jan 4 00:27:54 GMT 2007

>> From my time at Crest a generation ago, I remember that our MGM  
>> clients

Steve, remember the machine--- what was it called, an Analyzer or  
that Crest had when you and I were there, that ran a 1" videotape at  
high speed
and gave you a printout of the tape's oxide quality?
While working at Crest as a QCer (quality control person; also a  
person with infinite
patience) we had to note every possible "spurious event" .. I also  
got to listen to a lot
of different languages on the dubbed versions, but it was worth it to  
see, in the course
of a few months, a considerable portion of the MGM library.  Some of  
the films were
Technicolor and in PAL were of high quality for 1983.

Rob Lingelbach

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