[Tig] auto tv set up

Tom Tcimpidis tom at tgt.org
Sun Jan 14 18:40:16 GMT 2007

As an aside, it amazes me that the cable STB industry still does not have
their act together.
A friend of mine just recently decided to get a HD PVR from Time Warner.
They came, set it up, and then he discovered that the HDMI port on the STB
was "not yet implemented."  Component was not acceptable to him for a number
of reasons so back the box went.  I have no idea if their standard STBs also
share this omission but if you do not need or want a combo PVR, clearly a
cablecard is the better way to go.

Thankfully, I have perfect OTA DTV reception here and use a combo Dish HD
PVR with HDMI so I don't have to jump through those hoops.  It also has the
advantage of recording native bit streams so there is no conversion or
compression loss. To distribute HDMI to the bedroom setup from the media
rack in the media room closet, I use a cat6 solution from Haretio that works


> > "what am I missing by using analogue component from my cable 
> > box to my new
> > Sony SXRD set vs. hdmi/dvi? 

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