[Tig] inexpensive cables.

Greg D. gd.tk at comcast.net
Mon Jan 22 13:22:52 GMT 2007

Thanks for the info.  I did get a dvi-hdmi (my SA HD8600 only has DVI out)
cable from ehdmi.com very inexpensively.  Not sure even with all my years
analyzing images in the color suite that I can see any difference btwn the
digital and the analogue signal path though.   That is while viewing Comcast
cable on my 50" Sony SXRD.  The compression is jsut SO huge!  I think
they're compressing more and more these days.  Source quality doesn't seem
like it'll ever get better but only worse.  As, like always, folks go for
quantity over quality!  Dish is advertising that their HD sources use 3
times the bandwidth of cable tv.  Doubt that'll really get too many
customers though.
Anyway, I'm really glad to have experimented for $10 instead of $70!  I
think it's cruel of Best Buy to only offer a $70 HDMI cable to the gullible
masses!!  Over priced cable sales are todays snake oil for sure!!!
Greg Dildine

Expensive HDMI/DVI cables are, essentially, a huge rip off. Here's a place
I've bought from which has good stuff, ships fast, and is *much* more


As for the diff between analog and digital cabling in this instance: digital
cabling seems to undergo fewer conversions in getting from the cable on the
pole to your eyes, so images, graphics, and text should definitely be
if your display is sufficiently good to show the difference. HDMI also
DD 5.1 audio with it (in general), so if you're watching HD broadcasts (or
dvds) with 5.1 encoding, a simple HDMI connection moves everything around
3 video and 5 or 6 audio cables (assuming your setup even allows for DD 5.1
analog connections) for the full monty.


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